We are a full service showroom offering total brand support, from sales and in house brand consulting, to marketing and media services. We represent international brands in their transition into the North American market. Our challenge is to preserve your brand’s story and image while effectively translating it into new markets.



Since 1997, we have continued to successfully develop unfamiliar brands in into iconic household names. We have established close relationships with the top retailers across North America including: Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and more. 


We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and the personal relationships we have developed with our retailers over the years. Likewise, the brands we work with respect our ability to seamlessly connect them with the best retail channels and effectively translate their brand to the North American market.



We offer in house marketing and media relations services to additionally support your company. We recognize that every brand is unique, and requires a customized strategy befitting to their market. We provide customized PR campaigns that highlight the qualities that are unique to our brands, differentiating them from the rest of the market.